July 3, 2015

New adventures of independent film in CR III

During the times when the inevitable has happened, after the political change in 1989, a new authorship law came to be which abolished the monopoly. The new legislative naturally stopped differentiating between the professional and amateur creators since the law…
July 3, 2015

New adventures of independent film in CR II

What's an amateur film? Most people would be hard-pressed to give answer to this simple question. Are those the people who record family video, creators who attempt to create something close to a movie or even non-artists who create pictures…
July 3, 2015

New adventures of independent film in CR

Unitedfilm has worked out a complete material elaborating on the current condition of Czech non-professional film and a conception of a new category of independent film in Czech Republic. This material will be released in parts on this website and…
June 30, 2015

Paul Weitz: I like writing and directing equally

Director, screenwriter, actor and producer Paul Weitz was born on 19.11.1969. He is 4 years older to his  brother Chris.He grew up in New York Ciry, attended The Allen-Stevenson School and graduated from Westeyan University. It was here where he…
June 22, 2015

Problem for independent films in India is market

We all know that Indian film industry is one of the biggest film producing countries in the world and it produces more than 1200 feature films every year in more than 19 regional languages in India. It is also popularly…
June 8, 2015

Miroslav Janek: I don´t regret refusal to Film academy, life offered me other adventures

Independent movie in Czech republic? Utopia or direction of all credible filmmakers who can surpass true professional units with their results and effort..Our idol on the way in that direction can be Miroslav Janek, who got award „Český lev“ for…
May 27, 2015

When GoPro is not enough

Blackmagic Design has decided that it can't watch it anymore as the GoPro cameras can't satisfy the needs of the more demanding users and decided to enter the market with the mini sports cameras.
May 27, 2015

Bolex Digital: the ressurection of a legend

Most of the cameramen, especially the older generations, most likely already heard of the Swiss film camera manufacturer, Bolex. It was founded by Jacques Bogopolsky, who inspired the name of the company, and started its production in 1927 by making…
May 27, 2015

Affinity Photo - Photoshop's able rival

Do you work with Apple computers and want to create graphics for your movies without spending yet another bag of cash? Affinity Photo is here for you - so far for free.
May 27, 2015

Renderman - do the CGI like Pixar

Following the same idea as Editshare, Blackmagic Design and The Foundry, we now receive yet another professional tool legally downloadable for non-commercial work. This time it's a rendering tool called Renderman from one of the largest CGI studio in the…
May 27, 2015

Color grade with the power of atom for free

In the spirit of offering free software The Foundry just released its Nuke postprodcution program.
May 21, 2015

Petr Jarchovský - Screenplay arises whole life

Petr Jarchovský was born on 6.10.1966 in Prague.He belongs to our most successfull screenplay writers and he wrote topics for very successfull movies such as “ Šakalí léta”, “ Pelíšky”, “ Musíme si pomáhat”, “ Želary”, “ Horem pádem”, “…
May 12, 2015

Alan Rickman: Freedom and selfcontrol are both sides of the same coin

English actor Alan Rickman came as a guest to FebioFest to promote his latest film „ A little chaos“ which he directed.He is mostly known for his role in „Die Hard I“, „ Love actually: „Rasputin“ or „Harry Potter“. He…
May 5, 2015

John Madden - Film is brutal industry, no one owes you a living

 Another star guest of FebioFest was English director John Madden who brought here his current movie “Second Exotic Marigold Hotel”.He started his career in theatre and in independent  film and got Academy Award for his movie “ Shakespeare in love”.So…
May 4, 2015

Samyang offers an affordable 100mm macro lens

Starting this April, the South-Korean manufacturer announced a set of new fixed focus 100mm f2.8 macro lenses. The first is a classic full format, the other is a cine-style with additional features. They will fit most of the lens mounts.
May 1, 2015

FUSION 7 – a powerful tool of Hollywood is now free for you

Are you searching for a suitable postproduction software which would contain powerful tools in the field of color grading, matte painting, compositing, 3D and VFX, is reliable, user friendly and also affordable? Blackmagic Fusion 7 is the right choice, now…
May 1, 2015

Linux as a video production platform

Should we want to tread the path of open source technologies while processing audiovisual media, we have to start with the operating system which should honor this idea, since the goal is to have zero expenses in the software department.…
April 29, 2015

Lance Hool-Art can be in every movie

Lance Hool was born in Mexico City on 11.5.1948.He learnt the trade infront of and behind a camera.His first movie as an actor was Soldier Blue then came Howard Hawks¨s movie Rio Lobo starring legendary John Wayne.,Then he received his…
April 21, 2015

Mike Downey - With my films I try to create better world and give people some kind of dignity

Mike Downey is one of the European’s leading and most active producer of independent film from UK.He was a guest of FebioFest and although we never heard about him before, we soon had nothing but admiration and praise for him…
April 10, 2015

Kim Novak - Freedom and independence is very important aspect in my life

Kim Novak was the star guest of recent FebioFest.This actress was top box office star in mid 50’ s, her parents are of Czech descent.She is most known for her role in Hitchkock’ s movie “Vertigo” and she voluntarily left…
April 3, 2015

A manual for those serious about camera

Do you want to be a cinematographer of professional level? Do you want to be able to shoot on film and/or digital camera and know what you're doing? Then the American Cinematographer Manual is here just for you, a book…