Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Tvůrčí duo ve složení fotografka - korektorka Eva Csölleová a spisovatel - redaktor Vítek Formánek. Specializují se na interview s tuzemskými a světoznámými osobnostmi. Zajišťují spojení s hlavními filmovými festivaly v ČR.

Mark Wood was born in 1966 in Coventry. He served in the British Army in the Second Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and as a firefighter in the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service. He subsequently became an explorer, and expedition leader where he has trained and led teams for major Polar and mountain expeditions in extreme environments such as the Arctic Circle, the HimalayasAntarcticaAlaska, and the Canadian and Norwegian High Arctic to raise awareness of climate change and creates very large virtual classrooms in order to talk to schools and children about these issues. Apart being an explorer, he is also writer and motivation speaker.

We were really impressed with the way and effort he tries to raise awareness of climate change danger and he perfectly fits into this section because he is also Still fighting for the future. We approached him with our questions and he responded positively in return which we very much appreciate from such a busy man.

Film director and documentarist Kateřina Hager was born on February 28, 1977 in Prague. She originally studied acting at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek but ended up graduating from sociocultural anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University. She received her film education at Prague Film School and in 2012 founded her own production company Bohemian Productions. One year later, feature film Children of Flamenco debuted, and like her two subsequent films, Children Online and A Marriage, toured the festival circuit to critical acclaim.

Actor, director, producer, script writer, activist, founder of independent film festival Sundance, Robert Redford, was born on 18. 8. 1936. In late 60´and whole 70´s he became the most popular actor around the World and became idol for millions of fans. Charismatic man, who had similar attitude, shot and overlap and his mate and good friend Paul Newman. Redford never has been and isn´t classic Hollywood star, who would be living on different planet, out of reality and who would spend millions on new property which he wouldn´t need, who would be scared to say what his thinks in fear it could endanger his image. On contrary, he openly stood out against politicians, he had ecological activities, established festival where he gave a chance to young would be-film-makers and independent artists and partly sponsored that from his own pocket. He chose roles according to whether they have anything to say and made films which had a message and meaning. We picked up the infos from his biography.

Chinese director Tian Tsering visited Zlín Film Festival for the second time. Few years ago, he won with his film Barley Fields on the other Side of the Mountains, this time he was a jury member. We knew nothing about him but wanted to get to know him and find something about his attitude and work. He was very modest and we liked his independent attitude.

Probably the most attractive foreign gust of Zlín Film Festival 2021 was an American film prod Bill Gerber. He not only managed various known bands such as DEVO, The Cars, Heaven 17, Scritti Politti etc but also produced such well received films such as Gran Torino, Very long engagement, JFK, You´ve got mail, A Star was born, Harry Potter to name but a few. His schedule in Zlín was very busy so we were grateful to Míla Řádová and director Markéta Pášmová for giving us a private space and few minutes for face to face interview.

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