Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Eva Csölleová, Vítek Formánek

Tvůrčí duo ve složení fotografka - korektorka Eva Csölleová a spisovatel - redaktor Vítek Formánek. Specializují se na interview s tuzemskými a světoznámými osobnostmi. Zajišťují spojení s hlavními filmovými festivaly v ČR.

Today´s world is fucking crazy, we don´t have to discuss about it. Activist bodies like Me Too or Black Lives Matter judge and execute, without giving a chance to “victim” comment or defend. They liquidate careers or destroy lives of people THEY think are evil. This Witchhunt is followed by hard censorship and now American Academy set up new standards for films that want to get nominated fort Oscar award.

Oscar used to be the utmost accolade for any director, actor or actress. But now it´s just pale shadow of its glory and films will be judged not by real artistic quality but according to who will be the most pliable and will abide by the standards. Films made in 60´s such as Defiant Ones, Guess, who is coming fort dinner? or In the heat of the night had black actor (Sidney Poitier) because it has it´s sense and the plot was about racial problems. It was natural and these films went into Golden History of film. Who of us remember who won the Oscar in 2014, and where did these films end?

Sheela Sharma is a foot-paint artist from India. We picked her up since she lost her arms and almost a foot when she was only four in train accident. As if it wasn´t enough, she lost her mum and brother in very same accident. But she didn´t give up. When she was studying a boarding school in New Delhi, she came across an artist who inspired her. Despite her father never understanding an art she followed her dream and started to draw with her foot. We thank IMFPA coordinator Ayswaya Pillai for helping us with interview.

Since this year it will have been 111 years since the birth of our most famous and respected film director Karel Zeman and also 60 years since making his most talked about film Baron Munchausen, we decided to pay tribute to him and commemorate his life and work by sketch. We tried to find as many information as we could from various sources but the biggest help for us was a book Karel Zeman and his magic World, which was written by his daughter Ludmila Zeman and grand-daughter Linda Zeman Spálený and published in 2015 by Albatros Media a.s. publisher. We recommend it too all fans.

Zeman Karel 02

I was put in touch to Peter Jones from Rotatorvinyl by kind help of Pete Hollidai from The Radiators from Space. I then realized he is a founding member of anarcho-punk band Paranoid Visions who were put together already in 1981 and I have never heard about them. So, it was nice chance to make interview.

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