Still fighting 4 a future!

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It has been a full year since we started wearing face masks and life has been badly restricted. Every day we read negative news about death, virus, more infected people, about accidents and also about government decisions which are often very antagonistic. There are no gigs, no film festivals, no theatre plays, no nothing, Culture is in standstill and slowly dies. We mustn´t allow that happen.

Films festivals are held on-line in order to stay on the fans radar. Fact that government decisions are different from day to day, no musical or film festival can´t plan anything, invite guests, pay the air tickets, they can do fuck all.

I know that life AFTER Covid won´t be the same as it was BEFORE Covid, maybe some bands won’t get back on road, it won´t be so easy so make European or World tour as it used to be, many actors will be jobless and Gods know if people will return to proper cinemas after staying at home for a year and getting used to watching TV or PC screen.

It is expected that depressions will descent on thousands of people so that was one of the reasons we decided to create testing sub-section on our independent website, where we would like bring (infrequently) interviews with various creative people, musicians, actors or handicapped people, who didn´t chuck up the sponge, they kept on doing positive things, stood by their principles and independent and despite troubles and system they still follow their dreams. It is important we stick to our guns and don´t stop dreaming.

Our subsection SF4AF! (Still fighting 4 A Future!) will be in punk spirit, since it´s close to out hearts and punk always said what he wanted, regardless of the system and other people. Punk drawing was made by Bran Scam- Navajo Indian-turned punk artist. We only want to vent our feelings and opinions, nobody can take it away from us (so far), we don´t preach or advice anybody, we only want to stay positive, creative and want to inspire and uplift people.



I must admit that in last couple of months I very often asked myself questions starting with word WHY? and tried to find some answer or advice from my girlfriend Eva, my psychologist or psychiatrist or good work mates. I don´t know if I am either naive or idiot or in worst case both of them but I feel that deep inside me something collapsed and I stopped believing. Believing in healthy human mind, in justice, in people in this world, in people in my home country and around me. I feel, that lust for money and power totally overturned society values and morale.

It is said that fish stinks from the head and I think it´s still truth. Our Minister of Environment covers ecological disaster when poisonous chemicals were let out into our river Bečva and thousands of fishes were killed. Traces lead to chemical company owned by Agrofert group belonging to our fucking Prime minister. So there is need to lie, mislead and deny.

Government doesn´t lead the way

Government members make decisions, restrict our lives in name of anti Covid defense, declare bans which affect lives of all of us but they are the first who don´t respect them. They are laughing straight to our faces. It reminds me of previous communist regime where the big wigs persecuted anyone who showed likeness to Western culture, criticized western way of live but they secretly wanted to have everything from the West.

When company wants to get a mega big deal, it is expected they will come with bribe otherwise they have no chance to get involved in it. Even in Supreme Court -where one would expect some sense for justice-attorneys themselves aren´t ashamed to ask for bribe and according to its size, “correct” decisions are made. Justice, what justice? It´s money that fucking rule.             

More billionaires raised and corruption in soccer

I have recently read that during year of Covid 19, number of billionaires worldwide increased and some companies had incredible turnovers. Isn´t the Covid pandemic again just artificially started race, where innocent will die again and rich will get richer and more powerful??? What am I to believe in? Not being immune to conspiracy theories, I would put my money on that.

I know the sport is corrupted and soccer especially, I don´t give a fuck about this sport but still was somewhat shocked when I learnt that small club from nearby village playing in Czech third division had to loose the match with Prague club and referee was bribed. When the coach of beaten club complained, he was demoted from his position in club and kicked of federation. Rotten system doesn´t need black sheep who wants to be fair. So even pensioners from that village, watching the Sunday match can´t be sure that winner was the best team.

I don´t believe even in fact that there is any meat in the sausages made by company owned by our Prime minister. He must profit even on selling shit to working people and product is of much worse quality that it used to be 30 years ago while being in communist hands.

Hitting the brick wall

Last year I hit the brick wall with my head.I work in social service for a decade and always tried to use my brain to defy and question stupid decisions.´ It´s like a case of a worker who works in factory and sees that machine produces faulty products. He only wants to re-calibrate the machines to produce good ones. It makes sense to him. I tried that and was warned that system is set up that way and if I don´t abide by that I will be shown the door. I was upset and realized that social system is just politics and bureaucracy. It took me two weeks to realize that it not possible to win every battle but I at least tried. It´s not shame to loose, it´s shame not to try. So I said myself I will care about my own business and don´t give a fuck about the rest.

But isn´t it exactly what are we supposed to do? Shut the fuck up???

If we look into history (doesn´t matter how distant) we will find people like Spartacus, Giordano Bruno, Mister Jan Hus, Milada Horáková or Martin Luther King and you know the score.


Next time we will put here the latest and the freshest interview with anarcho- punk legend Crass. They showed the way and reason to think to thousands of people. One of their slogans was There is no authority but you.