Vladimir Bukovskij: This future didn´t work

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I got a video via email, where ex-Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovskij compared former Soviet Union with current European Union. I liked it and tried to find out more. I realized that, sadly, he has died two years ago in England, where he emigrated in 1976.In that video he talks about system which he witnessed and felt on his own skin (literally) and which is engulfing us now…

“I am amazed that once we defeated one beast, Soviet Union, we build the next one, European Union. What is really European Union? I offer comparison with Soviet Union and you maybe get the answer.

Soviet Union was run by 15 unelected people, who nominated each other and they did not correspond to anyone. European Union is run by two dozens of people, who nominate each other, they act in private, they are not responsible to anyone and we can´t get rid of them.

Somebody can object that it is possible to elect to European Parliament. Well, Soviet Union had similar Parliament, The Supreme Soviet, which always agreed to any decision of Politburo. It is very similar to European Parliament where space for speaking in each chamber is very limited. Often to only one minute per speaker. In European Union are hundreds of thousands of Eurocrats with big salaries, personal staff, assistants, bonuses and paid expenses. They have life -long immunity from prosecution involving various positions no matter what they do or what they mess up. Isn´t it the same as Soviet regime?

Soviet Union was made by oppression and sometimes even military occupation.EU isn´t built directly by military force. But by oppression and economic bullying. In the interest of own existence Soviet Union kept on expanding. At the very moment it stopped expanding, it collapsed and I suspect that same can be said about EU. We were told that main target of Soviet Union is to create new historical entity, Soviet people, and that we must forget our own nationality, tradition and national habits. Same can be said about EU. They don´t want you to be Brits, French, they want you to become new human, European. They want to suppress any kind on national feelings and create multinational community. After 73 years of same Soviet Union attitude, more ethnical conflicts have arisen than anywhere in the world. One of the main interests in Soviet Union was abolish national state and that is exactly what is happening in Europe now. Brussels intends to devour national states to cease to exist.

In Soviet regime corruption blossomed at all levels as it does in EU. Those who expose or criticise it are silenced and punished. Nothing has changed, in Soviet Union we had gulags. I think in EU some form of gulag also exists. It is intellectual gulag known as political correctness. If somebody expresses his own opinion on racial issue and his view differs from those approved, he is displaced. It is the beginning of gulag and beginning of loss of our freedom. In Soviet Union they insisted we need federalized state in order to prevent war. EU claims the same. So, to sum it up, same ideology supports both systems.

EU is Soviet model in Western dress. But as well as Soviet Union also EU owns potential for its own extinction. Sadly, when it does happen and EU collapses, and it will happen, it will leave behind mammoth destruction and we will be in enormous economic and ethnic conflicts. Old Soviet regime was unable to reform as well as is not EU. But there is no alternative but to be controlled by those two dozens of self-elected officials from Brussels. It is called INDEPENDENCE. We don´t have to accept what they planned for us, nobody asked us if we want it that way. I lived in your future and it didn´t work.

Very interesting comparison by a man who was imprisoned for 12 years for his opinions in his own country. In 1992 thanks to then President Jelcin he managed to get to archives and could copy secret documents. There he found that since mid-80 s´ left wing parties of western countries complained to Gorbachev, that it is difficult to organize socialism in one country and that it would be good to make it at once in whole Europe. And what was the target of all socialists in the World? Liquidate private ownership, family, state. Is it not happening now, thousands small businesses disappear so that everything is ultimately controlled by large corporations?

Bukovskij criticised Treaty of Lisbon where is written about European police which can use diplomatic immunity. He said about that:

"So such policeman comes to my flat, takes what he wants, beats me and I even won´t be able to sue him in court. Or such police will have right to extradite prosecuted persons from on country to another without a court hearing. According to Treaty of Lisbon Europol will be allowed to prosecute people for “crime” xenophobia, although it doesn´t exist in any code of law of any civilized country. Our offices explained us silently, that if anybody would oppose immigration policy in European Union, he will be accused of racism. Or they introduce the term “hate speech” for which they can punish you. It reminds me my youth in Soviet Union, where people could be arrested even for jokes. In Britain today when someone says a joke about queers or about people of different race, they can arrest you and put you in jail, since legal basis were already explained.”

His words go hand in hand with fact how couple years ago German media blurred about mass raping on New Year´s Eve done by immigrants and it wasn´t in public interest to reveal the truth about new neighbours who nobody invited and nobody was asked about. Remarkable thing is that Bukovskij was censored even on the west and he was uncomfortable with every politician, since he wasn´t afraid to tell the truth. He published his book Moscow Process in Russian in 1995, while in USA and England it was refused up until 2019. He said:

We face serious and absurd ideology, which manifests itself in absurd and stupid thing such as political correctness, which seeks to destroy our society.

Heroes are often uncomfortable around them, it was, is and will be. It should be said that the video I received and I was talking about was heavily edited when he talked about EU.

Few weeks before this video I have browsed through a book written by Michael Morris What we may (not) know. He points at interesting parallels in history of human kind and shows who is pulling the strings in this World. When I read that World Health Organizations corrected their declaration of origin of Covid 19 and admitted they were wrong, I was asking myself who is pulling strings (and lies to us) this time.

In association with what Bukovskij said on this video and about what the aforementioned book reports, I am willing to believe in this Conspiracy theory even though I will never have evidence for that.

What if 11/9 in New York didn´t bring expected results about flooding cities with cameras in name against terrorism and it wasn´t enough for powers- that- be so they invented Covid-19 (sadly biological weapons are worked upon for decades and I don´t want to think what would happen if they were used globally) in order to spread it around the world. All people who died were taken as “welcome side effect”, since there are far too many people on the Earth anyway. More important is that pharmaceutical corporation will earn billions and billons on vaccines and other products and everybody will have to have Covid passport if he would want to travel abroad so we all will be monitored and all our data will be on microchips. So, powers-that-be will have us all as a flock of sheep on very short lead. Is that our future???? No, thank you.

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