New adventures of independent film in CR VIII

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This is the last chapter of the series about the new adventures of indie film which tried to grasp the possibilities of Czech indie film in CR.

One of the facts is that the old mechanisms in film and TV practice have been already surpassed. The decline in cinema visits is notable and the audience for TV films is diminishing rapidly. Now rules a new, mainstream production and all manifests itself in the young and youngest generation which turns away from the archaic passive TV consumption style. That involves commercial aspects of the cinematography also, which border on the bearable and is very risky for the investors. Only few films can truly have a profit after all the deductions for the producers, distributors and cinema owner and have enough left to make another production.

Nobody can predict the future but it's important to imagine which direction the film production will be headed, its past considered. It is certain that there is no lack of the form these days. On the contrary, the market is oversaturated. Cinematography and its invention gradually took root in many kinds, often purely commercial or soulless entertainment (videogames, commercials, web). Internet, being in itself a free platform, has been a place for breaching of copyright hurting mostly the music producers which leads the people to think that films are for free and available to all. The same applies to the creators of intellectual property, especially software without which none of the modern producers can get by. The world wide web itself suffers from the phenomenon that everything that is ever shot is shamelessly published for everyone. That creates something never seen before; endless content archives which become a rather useful medium for quick access to information.

But just as the theater and still photography undergone crisis after the invention of film, the original cinematography will survive this revolution. We all feel that the content is always important, an artistic legacy which human beings embraced ever since the beginning, regardless of the form. How many excellent novels have been written since the invention of a pencil? The only thing constantly changing will be the form of distribution towards the recipient. The fate of a sophisticated and culturally ripe society is to seek these new creators, care for them and allow them to develop and freely create. The film revolution will add to it in a way that truly anybody can make film here.

The main goals for independent film in the future:

- popularize the discipline

- gain adequate prestige, especially with the audience

- ensure competence of Czech film makers towards the world

- attempt to connect with the professional cinematography

- transparency of use of copyright and intellectual property

- distribution channels

Anyone thinking the same will be the one needed for this road to the new adventure. With all due respect, let's forget the past and let's join forces to find the way to define the independent, non-commercial and truly free film in this country.

Entering the fight is the independent non-profit organization Unitedfilm which was founded on these ideals. We will attempt to do this by forcing a pressure on the old fossilized sphere of the film power here.

To help it, we are creating a conception for formal warranty of the independent film towards the audience, unification measures for the best works and the authors, we will gain powerful partners, we will connect with the best people in the field and trailblaze towards the true free production without breaking the copyright law, let it be musical or intellectual property.

"Cinema is escaping being controlled by the financier, and that's a wonderful thing. You don't have to go hat-in-hand to some film distributor and say, 'Please will you let me make a movie?“

Francis Ford Coppola