New adventures of the independent film in CR V

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How is the film generally categorized these days? In fact as it is hard to measure the quality of a film, it is impossible to exactly determine a level of its professionalism or how much independent it is, meaning how much it owes for its creation to somebody.

The independent film in our country should rather be called author's film, meaning that the main author (mostly the director) decided the artistic style of the film freely, of his/her own judgement without having to compromise as the professionals mostly do under the pressure from the producers. We are not talking about the economy factor right now, which will always pose a great restraint which forces the creators to compromise. The main criteria remains whether the film was made for the commercial purposes or non-commercial, which will determine the judgement over its artistic purpose in the end. The Fund for Support and Development of Czech Cinematography recognizes the term "culturally demanding piece" and realizes the issue of financing with the possible support reaching up to 90% of the desired budget. That is a quite close resemblance to the non-commercial film.

On behalf of this category we have to think of its popularization first, attract some bigger audience and make it more attractive to potential partners without which this low-budget production cannot get by. In second place there has to be the attempt to obtain some government endorsement, preferably through the support scheme for the independent and non-commercial cinematography. In order to make independent film space open for all, it is important not to discriminate based on film education and not exclude the creators with the highest film education if they want to shoot a non-commercial independent film. Therefore, the main lead towards the definition of non-commercial independent film should be the warranty of the non-commercial character of the film. The film is therefore not realized in order to earn money, although it should not be prevented from later being introduced into a commercial distribution or being syndicated and licensed. A major co-producer should not be a private film company but rather a physical person or a non-profit subject. The film should not include a product placement but it can have its sponsors.

Keywords for the new category:

Non-commercial - a word which is an important element of the independent film

Independent - a quite ambiguous and abstract word in our country which is popular in the world, also known as "indie" in the USA

Definitions of independent film

An independent film is, in the final effect, a product on par with the professional production in live action film, mostly partially or completely created outside the studio system. It mostly is produced and distributed by an independent company. Independent films are often debatable regarding the content and style followed by their creators who imprint their personal author viewpoints into their production. Usually, not as a rule, the independent films are created with significantly lower budgets than the studio films. Generally, the marketing of these films is characterized by the limited screening options, but they may have a worldwide campaign. Independent films are usually screened on local or international film festivals before their distribution. Independent film can compete with the main commercial film production if it is properly supported and distributed.