Samyang offers an affordable 100mm macro lens

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Starting this April, the South-Korean manufacturer announced a set of new fixed focus 100mm f2.8 macro lenses. The first is a classic full format, the other is a cine-style with additional features. They will fit most of the lens mounts.

The objective is suitable for full frame cameras and offers 1:1 ratio in light reproduction, allowing for focusing on objects closer than regular lens.

Thanks to these lenses can any photographer take pictures from a much shorter distance and create a beautiful extreme close up. This lens in particular can focus on objects as close as 30cm, which is impossible with objectives without macro mode. If you like taking pictures of flower, bug life or even portraits, this objective is for you.

The objective features altogether 15 elements formed into 12 groups and brars functions such as HR, ED and UMC - that is high refraction, extra low dispersion and ultra multi coating. The advantage of an independent manufacturer is first and foremost the offer of 10 possible bayonet mounts, so whether you have a camera by Sony, Canon or Nikon, you won't come short. Among others, there will be variants for Canon EF, Nikon F, M4/3, Pentax K and so on.

The aperture features 9 blades which creates a natural bokeh even at higher stops. The body is created from a sturdy aluminium and naturally comes with an own sunscreen. There is also a ring for manual aperture setting.

The cine variation, fully names Samyang 100m T3.1 VDSLR ED UMC MACRO also offers a remote focus ring and marks for t-stops and focus on both sides of the objective body.

The objectives will be sold starting some time in April at the price of $599.