FUSION 7 – a powerful tool of Hollywood is now free for you

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Are you searching for a suitable postproduction software which would contain powerful tools in the field of color grading, matte painting, compositing, 3D and VFX, is reliable, user friendly and also affordable? Blackmagic Fusion 7 is the right choice, now completely free.

It is amazing what we are witnessing lately in the field of professional software tools. After Editshare released its Lightworks, however limited, we now have another professional tool widely spread throughout the current Hollywood production. It is Fusion 7 by Blackmagic Design, formerly developed by Eyeon Software Inc. which is being used mostly for visual effects postproduction. Avatar, Edge of Tomorrow, Hugo... that is just a short list of movies where Fusion contributed to their "film look." It is already a second product of this company being released to the wide public. The first was DaVinci Resolve which we also wrote about.

The times are gone when these tools were only available to the professional studios and a common user couldn't get them thanks to the high price, let alone learn to work with them. There were no other legal alternatives. So what sparked this initiative the companies took as of late? Maybe the ever growing competition in the field. Of course, if the user learned to use some product, he has a tendency to stay with it and work with it in the professional field with the paid, commercial version. Another reason might be the increasing power of domestic PCs and the fact that these applications keep being developed further, so it shouldn't be a problem to release some older version or a light version stripped of some functions. Regardless of the reason, we now have the opportunity to work with the same tools as the seasoned professionals in Hollywood and possibly create works on par with the gems of the silver screen.

If we compare the features and options offered by the freeware version of Fusion Studio, we discover that there  are hardly any, compared to aforementioned Lightworks. So what do we get, if we pay $995 for the commercial version of Fusion Studio? It is mainly the tools for stereoscopic 3D, time scaling and stabilization. Another function that most users can get by without is sharing projects with different workplaces and use of third party plug-ins (which are mostly commerical anyway). The complete list of differences can be found here.

This is a node-based program. Connecting these nodes creates a node diagram which culminate in a final video. So what is a node, actually? It is an elemental operation with the input picture. This is different from simply piling effects onto a time line or properties, but rather we create these diagrams which chronologically affect the picture, based on the character of such a node. So if we want to work with a video, we have to create an input node which loads the video or a sequence. Should we want to save/render the video, we have to create a saver node. Connecting these nodes creates a diagram which allows use to export the imported video. If we should want to apply some filter or effects, we can just put an appropriate node between those two. Simply as that we have a control over the whole process or adjustments and connections between the operations, which is very useful in case of projects where we have tens of such nodes interconnected.

Except for the aforementioned loader and save we can also access a wide palette of nodes and tools in the freeware version which ensure that we get to make all the adjustments in a single program. There are color corrections, masking tools, compositing, matte painting, keying and particle system used for generating of smoke, fog, fire and so on. There is also a 3D environment animating 3D objects and its compositing into the scene. Naturally, all the parameters can be animated and the animation curves adjusted between each keyframe.

It is now clear from all the mentioned above, that we have a professional tool wich offers a sufficient amount of tools and which was tested by the most skilled. Now all that remains is to click download and start creating. To do so, follow the link here.